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Merchandise Giveaways

Hey fans! Hope your summers are treating you all very well with baseball, travel and some relaxation. Peak Events has had a very busy offseason ever since the College World Series concluded. We've been fortunate enough this past month to indulge in some merchandise giveaways, as well as a raffle for tickets for the Frisco Classic!

We're going to be posting more giveaway opportunities through all of our social media accounts throughout the next month, so make sure to follow out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned! We will also be tabling at Dell Diamond on the following dates:

Wednesday, July 24th & Thursday, July 25th

Friday August 16th & Saturday August 17th

Wednesday, August 28th and Thursday, August 29th

Our social handles are listed below.

Instagram: @rrockclassic

Twitter: @RRockClassic

Facebook: /rrockclassic

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Andy Perry
Andy Perry

I forgot to get a t-shirt while I was there.

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